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1927 Northwest Germany › ESTABLISHMENT

The First Large Construction Contract

Tiefbau Aktiengesellschaft Unterweser (TAGU) was the name registered in the Butjadingen Commercial Register in northwest Germany in 1927. Two years later TAGU received its first large construction contract, namely the modernization and reinforcement of the pier installations in Nordenham. In the period that followed, the company expanded beyond the Wesermarsh region and notably the construction of sea dikes for storm surge protection over the years caused a large growth in the number of employees.


TAGU was consolidated with LUDWIG FREYTAG

In the early 1970’s TAGU was consolidated with LUDWIG FREYTAG, a long established construction company located in Oldenburg. As part of this powerful construction group, which is active in engineering, turnkey construction, as well as pipeline and plant construction, TAGU successfully completed major joint venture projects such as the Hunte Flood Protection Barrier or along entire stretches of inland waterways during the 1970’s.


TAGU embarked on projects in other European countries

In addition to the works in the field of heavy piling and hydraulic engineering, from 1990 onwards the TAGU project portfolio was supplemented by more specialist civil engineering projects, and TAGU also embarked on projects in other European countries.

Since 2005

TAGU has been a partner of Arcelor Mittal

Since 2005 TAGU has been a partner of steel sheet pile manufacturer Arcelor Mittal and maintains one of two sheet pile storage bases of Arcelor Mittal in Germany at its waterside premises in Großensiel, on the Weser, within the MietCenter Nord business park.


Built and commissioned a Multi-Purpose Construction Barge NOSTAG 10

In 2009 TAGU together with partners Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke (NSW) and company Schramm, built and commissioned a Multi-Purpose Construction Barge NOSTAG 10 and has operated it since that time with the partners under the Joint Venture entity NOSTAG.

In the meanwhile, the barge was further upgraded and expanded, and it is now operated in the North Sea and Baltic Sea regions.


Entered the eastern European port construction market

During the summer of 2010 TAGU entered for the first time the eastern European port construction market. The first project undertaken was the erection of an 800 m long quay for the extension of the transport and cargo port in Odessa (Ukraine) in the Black Sea region.


Early presence in Asia

In 2011 TAGU opened a representative branch in Bangkok, Thailand, for its expanding business development to Asia. The local firm was then registered as TAGU Offshore (Thailand) Co. Ltd., reflecting its contribution to Offshore Oil & Gas, Cable Installation, Offshore Wind, and Maritime sectors. Not only Marketing, this office also comprises a local engineering department, which provides technical consultancy services to south-east Asia customers as well as to its own headquarter.


Design and Construction of Multi-Purpose Cable Lay Barge, VETAG 8

During 2012 – 2014, TAGU Offshore (Thailand) has been very active, performing in-house design, construction bidding, shipbuilding supervision, intercontinental transportation, and conversion of the new cable lay barge, VETAG 8, which became the firm’s flagship. Like a younger sister to NOSTAG 10, she is a highly stable vessel and convenient work platform, most desirable for submarine cable installation in extremely shallow water, including tidal flat.


A Leading Marine Consultant

From 2014 to present, TAGU Offshore (Thailand) has been actively offering their consultancy services to shipowners, charterers, operators, shipyards, project cargo shippers, thanks to its expertise in coastal engineering, offshore engineering, submarine cable installation and engineering, naval architecture, and marine engineering. The scope of services encompass ship design, engineering analysis, techno-economic assessment, bidding support, contracting and project management, and site attendance, etc.