⚬ This Cable Lay Barge is designed by team of TAGU Offshore Thailand and is approved by DNVGL classification.

Multi-Purpose Cable Lay Barge - VETAG 8

This Cable Lay Barge is designed by a team of TAGU Offshore Thailand and is approved by DNVGL classification.

VETAG 8 is capable to operate with 1.000 tons of cable load in a water depth of only 1,5 meters and certified for cable lay operations in a restricted service area (RSA) of 20 nautical miles. Since 2014 VETAG 8 has completed numerous successful cable lay projects in Europe.

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⚬ Chartering CLB's for SMC Installation (Shore End)
⚬ Chartering Equipment for SMC Installation
⚬ Chartering Support Vessels for SMC Installation
⚬ Submarine Cable & Accessories Supply

Submarine Cable Installation

The Submarine Cable Installation Service includes:

  • Global Shore-end Cable Installation
  • Telecom/Power Cables Inspections & Reporting (Findings & Recommendations)
  • Telecom/Power Cables
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Support for new cable installations
  • Rerouting of cable systems and civil works
  • Vessel support of submarine cables, and Vessels
  • Crew with extensive experience in cable installation
⚬ Cable Protection Mattress Systems
⚬ Cable Protection Systems
⚬ Diving Support for Installation

Near Shore Cable Protection

TAGU considers the Cable Shore-end Installation as our most expertise skill.

  • If the water is too shallow for the main lay vessel to approach safely, a smaller
    shallow drafted vessel may be lay used to lay the shore end with floats.
  • In water depths where there are risks due to fishing and other man-made activities
    such as anchoring etc., the cable is generally protected with articulated pipes and/or
    buried to a target depth of approximately 1 meter.
  • The cable is laid to conform to the contours of the seabed to avoid cable lying in
  • Cable Protection & Stabilization by different methodologies are the keys for a Long
    Live Cable vision.
⚬ RAMS - Risk Analysis and Method Statement Document
⚬ Submarine Cable Analysis
⚬ Assessment of Station Keeping Capability of DP Vessels
⚬ HSE & QHSE Documents

Submarine Cable Engineering

Our Bangkok consulting team consists of experienced naval architects and engineers qualified to provide a broad spectrum in marine consultancy services ranging from RAMS - Risk Analysis and Method Statement Document, Submarine Cable Analysis, Assessment of Station Keeping Capability of DP Vessels, HSE & QHSE Documents.

There is always a certain risk in spending excessive time and cost on a submarine cable installation process. Therefore, it is crucial for contractor to predict the process characteristics in order to improve the safety and economic performance of the project. The investigation into the dynamic behaviour of a cable during installation could be theoretically conducted with the aim of improving cable installation for safety, operational, and commercial value. The workability of a vessel from cable laying operation's point of view is governed by the cable integrity design criteria such as maximum tension, touch-down-point tension, side-wall-pressure and the minimum bending radius. In practice during cable-laying the touch-down-point tension and minimum bend radius cannot be measured. Therefore, a dynamic analysis of the subsea cable is required to determine the cable motions and tension fluctuations.

Experienced and skilled engineers are at the core of our business, utilising a range of proprietary and commercially available software. So, we can optimise the performance of cables during installation
and help prevent load out or installation damage that could lead to downtime and failure.

Determination of operational window, in which vessels can perform their tasks safely and efficiently by maintaining theirs position and heading, is one of our marine advisory services. Reliable documentation of a vessel's position and heading keeping capabilities is vital for planning and execution of safe and reliable operations with dynamic positioning (DP) vessels. Analysis of system performance can be carried out in order to optimise design and ensure sufficient appropriate operability.

⚬ Ship Design
⚬ Engineering Analysis
⚬ Site Attendance

Ship Design & Marine Consulting

TAGU Offshore Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering offers economically sound and safe designs for commercial and special purpose ships, tailored to suit business model of owners in order to minimise ship life cycle cost, hence, maximise their profit. Our engineering consultancy services help shipyards to reduce risk through production-friendly with high quality deliverables that reduce rework.

After our international establishment in 2011, our office in Bangkok, Thailand, became nationally well known for ship conversion projects, structural engineering and new-building concept designs. With our well qualified professionals, we ensure right management and technical solutions for the project. Our leading capabilities cover but are not limited to ship design, but also:

Feasibility Study, Project Management and Consultancy, Site Assessment, Supervision, and Inspection, and Engineering Analysis and Simulation for Marine Operations.

⚬ Support for Business Development Asia-Pacific Region

Business Development Asia-Pacific Submarine Cable

To acquire new business orders on the following fields:

Power cable, VO cable, shore-end installation and cable landings, shallow water cable Installation, cable maintenance and repair.

Harbour- and jetty design and construction, construction of all maritime infrastructure with floating equipment.

River/Road/Railway Crossings, Pipeline and Cable Shore Landings, crossing of protected areas.

The above scope of work covers the markets:

  • Europe – Mediterranean Countries.
  • Middle East Region – Main focus on Iran, Kuwait, KSA, Qatar, UAE, Oman and Egypt
  • South East Asia Region – Main focus on Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines
⚬ CLV's and CLB's for Submarine Cable Installation
⚬ Other Support Vessels (Tugs, CTV's, Transport Vessels)

Brokerage for Cable Installation & Offshore Wind Vessel

As ship agent and broker, TAGU Offshore Thailand offers suitable cable installation and offshore wind vessels as well as other support vessels that would comply with client’s specification and international standards.

⚬ Management Team for Submarine Cable Installation
⚬ Crew for Submarine Cable Installation Barges & Vessels

Recruitment & HR Service

TAGU Offshore Thailand provides a network of more than 500 cable installation experts from around the world. Coordinating between the customers and the crew, we provide facilities for both parties from the beginning to the end of the project.

⚬ Shipping of Equipment
⚬ Shipping of Wind-Offshore Components

Heavy Lifting & Transport

We provide worldwide shipping services, coordinate with shipowners and port agencies as well as handle formalities. Ensuring proper delivery of cargo, TAGU Offshore Thailand also takes good care of the claim for cargo loss, damage and demurrage, if any.